A Little Cook in Training

My daughter has recently found a new love of baking. She wants to bake all the time, and if she’s not baking then she’s looking up new recipes and ideas on the internet with me. She recently found directions for making “Emoji cookies” and talked her daddy into buying some different icings and cookie dough at the grocery store the other day. When they got home from the store she started working on the cookies.
emoji cookiesemoji cookies

She wanted to do them all by herself too! Once the cookies cooled she got busy decorating them. This is when her artistic skills came out (and I know I’m super biased, but she’s a very talented artist!)

They turned out super cute and she very excited when she figured out that the Christmas Tree cookie cutter makes the perfect “poop emoji” cookie when she cut off the trunk portion of the tree.

emoji cookies

While we were looking up new recipes and ideas for baking we found the coolest cookbook that she just had to have. The title is super cute too: The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us by Rosanna Pansino.  I highly recommend this to anyone that has a child in their life that’s interested in baking!  And to be honest, if I didn’t have kids I would love owning this cookbook because the recipes are the yummiest!

I’m so glad we ordered it for her because it has some awesome recipes and they are super easy for her to follow along with all on her own…she’s quite the independent cook!

nerdy nummies cookbook



The first recipe she decided to make from the cookbook was the chocolate chip cookies. Obviously we’ve all had chocolate chip cookies before, but let me tell you, these cookies had to be the BEST ones I’ve ever eaten! They were so moist, soft and just the perfect amount of chocolate and sweetness.

chocolate chip cookies

The next recipe she wanted to try was “Unicorn Poop Cookies”…yep, you heard that correctly, I said “UNICORN POOP COOKIES!!!”  This girl of mine is so silly!

rainbow cookies

Even though this recipe had a lot of different steps involved in making these cookies it really wasn’t difficult.  We had a lot of fun making these together (she actually let me help her with these!)

First, we had to add the coloring to 6 different bowls of cookie dough.

rainbow colors

Then, we rolled each color out into small little balls and let sit in fridge for a few minutes.

rainbow cookies

Next, we rolled each ball out into small strips to make the layers for the rainbow.

rainbow cookies

Then after we put the 6 different colored strips together we shaped the cookies to, of course, look like “unicorn poop”….haha!!!

unicorn poop cookies

After they came out of the oven we let them cool on the rack and then decorated a few of them.  Aren’t they just so pretty?

cookies of the rainbow

Did I mention that the dough recipe was “Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie Dough?”  Oh-Em-Gee!!!!  Let me tell you, these cookies were absolutely YUMMY, or NUMMY!!!!!!!!!

unicorn poop cookie

The only problem so far that I’ve seen with us ordering this cookbook is that she wants to bake all the time and the recipes have all been DELICIOUS!!! I mean, bakery worthy, yummy-licious…..so, it’s not helping my clean-eating diet that I’m trying to stay on!!!!

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